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Decifer GPR Training is the most effective GPR course on the market, providing both practical and theoretical knowledge in the quickest and most affordable way possible with the use of the Decifer GPR simulation software!

The Decifer GPR Training System was created by Terraprobe Geoscience Corp. Established in 2001, Terraprobe provides GPR services in a variety of applications including concrete investigations. Training GPR technicians has always been a time consuming and expensive process so we decided to develop a training program that solved that problem. Until now our only option was to provide on the job training with experienced technicians. This process generally takes 6-12 months; which was both costly and time-consuming. Decifer was created out of the desire to solve this problem.

Practical training and repetition is necessary to the development of a proficient concrete scanning technician which became the biggest obstacle to creating a better way to train new technicians. The successful development of the Decifer simulation software changed everything.

Decifer development is lead by a PhD GPR technology expert with input from our field team. Our senior field technical team have decades of field experience and provided the key elements of the training curriculum.

Courses provided by radar manufacturers only scratch the surface of providing the necessary repetition and practice on the many different situations a GPR technician will face in the field.

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Decifer Development Team

  • Dave Warkentin BSc. – President
  • Bilal Filali PhD. – Head Developer/Sr GPR Technician
  • Valesca Schaefer BSc. – Sr GPR Technician
  • Edgardo Maglanque BSc. – Sr GPR Technician
  • Kevin Maglanque – Jr GPR Technician

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