The Software

The central pillar of the Decifer Ground Penetrating Radar Training System is the Decifer Simulation Software

This innovative tool is the first of its kind in the Ground Penetrating Radar industry, providing trainees with the ability to learn on an unlimited number of randomly generated training scenarios, populated with user selectable in-slab targets.

If you train your own technicians, use Decifer as a tool to make your in-house training more efficient. Contact us for information on the best way to integrate Decifer into your training program.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Download the Decifer Information Sheet

Decifer Introduction Video

Decifer Introduction Video

This is a free short course on our eLearning platform that provides a basic overview of the Decifer GPR Simulation Software. The 8 short steps describe how to download, install and use Decifer.

The Benefits of the Decifer Simulation Software

  • Main Screen

    Main Screen

  • Unit Screen with practice.png

    System Screen with Radargram

Easy to learn

Minimal time spent learning to use the software means more time becoming proficient at scanning concrete.


Decifer Main Screen - Practice Solution

More practice and learning situations than you will need!

Decifer allows you to create an unlimited number of practice patterns in a concrete slab up to 40x40 feet area!

Populate Patterns with Commonly Found In-Slab Targets

Current Targets available for Inclusion in Practice Patterns:

  • Rebar – Top and Bottom, running all the way or stopping.
  • Wire mesh – different sizes.
  • Conduits – straight, turning, varying depth.
  • Pre-Tensioned Cables – single, double, clustered.
  • Slab bottom layer – suspended, on smooth and rough grade, Q-Deck.

Fast Realistic Radargrams

Radargrams are created quickly and realistically corresponding to the scan line selected by the user on the practice pattern. Scan lines can be created anywhere on the pattern and the correct radargram will be generated and displayed!


Practice Solution with Corresponding Radargram


Main Screen with Color Pallette and Markings

Learn to mark your results

Learn to mark your results on the slab using multiple colours and marking styles including lines (multiple widths), circles, “x”s and dashes.

Main Screen Solution.png

Practice with Solution Revealed

Check your work 

Unlike training on the job, you can see whether your scanned solution is correct! Scan lines can also be taken on the solution screen to aid in learning to interpret radargrams.


Adjustable Radar Equipment Settings

Allows you to select the appropriate equipment settings for the training scenario and whatever radar equipment you use.

Save, Practice and Share

Practice sessions may be saved and emailed for review by expert trainers for extra assistance!


Create and Export 3D Grid Scans for Further Processing

3D grid scans may be created and exported for further practice in processing using other software such as Radan.

Looking for more details?

Learn how the software works!

How to use Decifer