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What Makes Decifer GPR The Best Training Option?


#1 - Get Practical, Hands-On Training

The Decifer GPR simulator allows for hands-on, practical training with hundreds of different virtual slabs so your GPR technicians can become proficient in scanning and interpreting results quickly.

#2 - Learn from Anywhere

Our Decifer GPR simulator means you don't have to leave your office or home to get training in GPR scanning. With our monthly Decifer Webinars, trainees have access to expert instructors and practical training from wherever they're located.

#3 - Save Money and Time

With our expert instructors and ability to practice on virtual slabs, trainees are able to quickly gain knowledge and confidence in the field without lengthy apprenticeships.

What Past Trainees Have to Say

"If you are serious about getting expert and up-to-date GPR training for your company, you should be booking time with Decifer."

- Parker Cook, Cancor

"Decifer... provided a realistic platform of scenarios and examples along with access from a remote location (Australia) that I was looking for... This training was a very positive experience, the training method and staff were first rate. I’d confidently recommend the course to others"

- Kane, Australia

"I went from no prior experience to feeling capable of scanning with proficiency in the field!"

- Satisfied Trainee


Q: How is it possible to learn something as hands-on as GPR scanning online?

A: Our DeciferGPR simulator creates hundreds of different virtual slabs that a GPR scanning technician would encounter in the real world, so that they get hands-on experience without needing hundreds of hours and multiple different job sites.

Q: What if I get stuck after the end of my DeciferGPR Webinar?

A: Ongoing Learning is included in any course options to help you to continue to learn critical concrete scanning skills and concepts. This includes Structured Decifer-based practices for scanning skills learned in Level I and II courses as well as the ability to submit assignments to be reviewed by a DeciferGPR instructor.

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*Please note: The trial version of Decifer is fully functional but will only allow for the easiest level of difficulty when creating new slab patterns. Full functionality is unlocked when purchased subscription credentials are entered.