GPR Training

The Decifer GPR Training Course

Ground Penetrating Radar Training Course Available Worldwide in English and German

The Decifer GPR training program allows trainees to become confident and proficient GPR scanning technicians quickly, without a large investment.

Trainees gain hand-on, practical experience with our Decifer simulation software, and as a result are able to gain the necessary knowledge to enter a job site and confidently scan and interpret results with just a few days of training!

What Makes Decifer the Best Online GPR Training Course?

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The Decifer simulation software is the centerpiece of the GPR training course. This revolutionary course-like software is like having a radar system and an unlimited number of concrete slabs to learn and practice on. This provides:

- The ability to learn in a practical, hands-on way at your computer!

- Customizable virtual slabs to match the skill level of the trainee

- Flexibility to match the GPR system of your choice!

Decifer based Webinar training software program consists of:


A live 12 hour webinar

A live 12 hour webinar teaching series – generally delivered in 4 x 3 hour sessions - providing all the content you need coupled with Decifer based examples to practice the skills being taught.


on-going learning

Access to our self-directed online learning program for continued practice and assignments.


Certification Program

Access to the Decifer Certification program to let your customers know that you are a trained GPR technician.

What Past Trainees have to Say

"If you are serious about getting expert and up-to-date GPR training for your company, you should be booking time with Decifer."

- Parker Cook, Cancor

"This hands on system of discovery and reinforcement, I felt, was superior to other two dimensional methods (slide shows, photos, diagrams etc.), it helped cement the webinar content, visions and processes from the start. Having access to a trainer as part of the package quickly helped tidy up a few questions along the way."

-Kane, Australia

Decifer GPR training programs: The best pathway to becoming a great GPR concrete scanner.

Three Ways to Learn

GPR Training Course Webinar

GPR Training Course Webinar

Online Instruction for Real-time Learning

The Webinar for the Decifer GPR training course includes 12 hours of learning over 4 days of Webinar teaching. With monthly options, our Webinars boast great interaction between students and our top quality instructors, 20 hours of practice time with thousands of virtual slabs, and ongoing training with no travel cost required.

Find the 2024 Webinar Training Schedule Here

In Person GPR Training Course

In Person GPR Training Course

Equip Your Team for Success with Group Learning

The in-person classroom option is a 2-day immersive training program utilizing the Decifer simulation software in a classroom setting. It’s like each student has a radar and can work on 1000’s of different example slabs. Great for groups up to 12 students.

Find the In-Class Training Schedule Here

Other GPR Courses

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Coming Soon, the Decifer GPR eLearning training program follows the same curriculum as the live webinar course. It is delivered on our easy to use online platform utilizing audio and video resources to provide a step by step learning experience that you complete at your own pace.