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IDS C-thrue Concrete Radar System with Guaranteed training

Terraprobe is an official Distributor for IDS Georadar.

If you are looking for a radar system and need comprehensive training, this package is for you.

With each C-thrue purchased we provide our full Decifer based training along with unlimited coaching to one technician and guarantee that the trainee will be able to successfully complete the majority of concrete scanning situations encountered in the field.

This is an Industry Exclusive and Only Possible with Decifer *

Expert GPR Package.jpg

This is the ultimate package if you are looking for a top quality concrete radar and training that will ensure that your technician is proficient and can get the job done profitably and effectively.

Decifer Simulation Software for C-thrue.jpg

If you own a C-thrue radar system. We have a version of Decifer specifically for you. The C-thrue version of Decifer uses an interface that fully simulates the C-thrue which facilitates training of the system as well as concrete scanning at the same time.

IDS C-thrue Concrete Scanning Radar

IDS Georadar C-thrue

* Contact us for more information on our guarantee.