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Decifer GPR Concrete Scanning Webinar Training

Looking for top-tier GPR training? Decifer offers the industry's most effective GPR concrete scanning training programs, tailored for technicians at every skill level. Our comprehensive training is built around the cutting-edge DeciferGPR simulation software, giving trainees the chance to learn and practice on thousands of simulated "slabs." Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your expertise, Decifer's GPR training programs ensure you gain the practical experience and confidence needed to excel in the field. Invest in quality training with Decifer and elevate your GPR scanning proficiency today.

Why Choose a Decifer Webinar?


Top Quality Instructors


Comprehensive and practical GPR training program


Practice with infinite simulated concrete slabs


Learn from anywhere in English or German


Be field ready, quickly


Ongoing training


Become a Certified Technician


Save thousands on training with no travel costs

You'll Learn:

  • Typical structural elements incl. steel reinforcement details found in concrete structures
  • Construction terms (e.g. slab band, corbel, grade beam/tie beam, PT cable, Q-deck (Pan deck or metal deck), wire mesh)
  • How to get started on a job site and deal with client requirements
  • How to recognize the limitations of the GPR equipment (as well as your own)
  • How to choose the best scanning method for your task
  • How to develop an effective/profitable work flow
  • Learn the Best Scanning Practices including marking methods and standards
  • How to interpret radargram data to identify and locate in-slab targets - Rebar, conduits, PT cables, Q-Deck (Pan deck or metal deck) and others
  • Marking interpreted data and delineating completed scope of work (spatial extent and depth)
  • To compare advantages of line scans and grid scans and when to use each
  • Adapting scanning techniques to different construction types and tasks
  • Elements of a good quality client/engineer report

2024 Webinar Schedule

Monthly Webinars include 12 hours of online learning, broken up over 4 days

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