What Our Students are Saying


"Just a few short words about the course and my experiences

Being ex aviation and quite familiar with the simulator concept, Decifer was the logical choice along with the webinar series, it provided a realistic platform of scenarios and examples along with access from a remote location (Australia) that I was looking for.

The simulator has been well researched and constructed, providing true to life scanning visuals, something I’ve not found before in the GPR training industry. This hands on system of discovery and reinforcement, I felt, was superior to other two dimensional methods (slide shows, photos, diagrams etc.), it helped cement the webinar content, visions and processes from the start. Having access to a trainer as part of the package quickly helped tidy up a few questions along the way. Decifer’s ability to generate custom scenarios was used on many occasions to simulate unusual layouts and try different scanning patterns, definitely provided challenge and contributed to my increased confidence in the process

The four webinars were logical, well put together and nicely coincided with the examples and scenarios provided as homework. My instructor (Valesca) is a natural at the role, speaks form an extensive experience base and provided quality feedback.

This training was a very positive experience, the training method and staff were first rate.

I’d confidently recommend the course to others"

Kane H QLD, Australia

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